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Navigating BookFunnel: How to Find your Books, Links, Promos, and More

Use the left navigation menu to find exactly what you are looking for. Every menu has a help article linked at the top, should you need a bit more information.


This is the first page you see when you log into your BookFunnel account. The Home page will display books that have had activity during the current calendar month, as well as the total number of downloads on your account for the calendar month.


This page lists every book you have uploaded to BookFunnel. Click the title of a book to view its details, or click the Action button to the left of a book title to edit its details or book files, or to delete the book permanently. Learn more about adding/editing your books on BookFunnel.

Click the title of any book to view its landing pages and reader links. Learn more about adding/editing your landing pages.

Certified Mail

This will display your Certified Mail campaign history, and allow you to create a new campaign to send review copies out to your review team. You can click the name of any campaign to view its details. Learn more about sending review copies through BookFunnel Certified Mail.

Gift a Book

This is our “Certified Mail For One” feature. Easily send one reader a private link to download one book. Learn more about sending one reader a personal link to download your book.


This is where you can find group author promotions that are actively recruiting in your genre. You can also post your own group promo and invite other authors in your genre to join you. Learn more about group promos on BookFunnel.

Your Promos

This is where you can manage the promotions you have posted and joined. You can also view past promos that are now completed.


If your account includes direct integration, this is where you can integrate with your mailing list service (or Patreon). Once you are integrated, this page will list landing pages you have created that collect emails so that you can manage their settings easily. Learn more about our direct integrations.


This is your sales dashboard, where you can add sales delivery actions and view all of the transactions we have processed on your behalf. Learn more about direct sales delivery.

Sales Landing Pages

Sales landing pages look a lot like our standard download pages, but instead of offering up a free book, they send readers to buy your book in your online store or online ebook retailer. Learn more about sales landing pages.

This is where you can generate a batch of unique codes to apply to printed materials like business cards, bookmarks, or any marketing materials. Learn more about printing unique codes for readers.


This is where you can view your private bundle pages, which are private, multi-book landing page that displays two (or more) BookFunnel links. Here you can reserve a custom bundle URL, create new private bundles, and manage your private bundle pages. Unlike group promotions, bundles are not added to the Promotions board. Use Promotions to create a group author promo. Learn more about building a private bundle.

Pen Names / Author Names

“Pen Names” is displayed if you are on the First Time Author, Mid-List, or Bestseller plan and is where you can add, edit, or delete your pen name(s).

“Authors” is displayed in you are on a publisher plan and is where you can add, edit, and delete author names on your account.


This is where you can save your preferred reader opt-in settings.

GDPR Settings

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation on data protection and privacy for all people living in the European Union (EU). You can set your mandatory opt-in giveaway pages on BookFunnel to behave differently when people in the EU/EEA view your page. Learn more about GDPR.


Where are my landing pages and links for readers?

Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard and then click the book title. All pages you have created are listed on the Book Details page.

Where are the links that I share with readers?

You will find your link by clicking Books and then clicking the book title. All landing pages you have created are listed on the book page, and the “Link for readers” can by copied to your clipboard.

Where is my account page?

Click the account button in the top-right corner of your BookFunnel dashboard and then select Account Settings. You can change your account email and password, as well as update your billing information or change your plan. Learn more about managing your account.

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