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Distribute Full Audiobooks on BookFunnel

Audiobook delivery is currently in beta. Read the blog post.

An “audiobook” on BookFunnel is a multi-chapter (or multi-file) collection of MP3 files. Audiobook delivery does not replace or remove our single MP3 delivery feature. Short Audio Delivery is here to stay.

Audiobook delivery is a new service on BookFunnel and any current Mid-List Author can request access to our free beta.

When audiobook delivery is released later this year (2021), it will be a separate plan that you can add onto any existing Mid-List or higher account. Like our author plans, you’ll be able to pay monthly or yearly (for a discount), and we’ll likely have three audiobook plans to choose from. Read the blog post for more information on pricing.

How does BookFunnel deliver the audiobook?

To listen to your audiobook, a reader will need to install the BookFunnel app on their iOS, Android, or Amazon Fire device.  Get the app!

The BookFunnel App is supported on devices running at least Android 5.1, iOS 11, and Amazon Fire Tablet 5th Generation.

The reader can add the book to their app using a BookFunnel code or by logging into the app using the email address they provided when they purchased or claimed a copy of your book. 

Readers will not have access to the MP3s and can’t listen to the book outside of the BookFunnel app. You’ll want to make sure that your landing page clearly states that readers must install the BookFunnel App in order to listen to the audiobook. We want to manage expectations early so that everyone is happy! 

Want to give our amazing new audiobook app a whirl? Let us know! Include the email address you would like the audiobook to be sent to (if other than your account email). 

Audiobook Requirements

Our requirements are basically the industry standard set by major audiobook retailers.

  • MP3 files only
  • 192 kbps (minimum)
  • Must begin with an Introduction or Opening Credits and end with an Outro, End Credits, or Other

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