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Upload Audiobooks to BookFunnel

Audiobook delivery is currently in beta. Read the blog post to learn more or join our beta.

Step 1: Create the Audiobook

To add a new audiobook:

  1. Click Add New at the top of your BookFunnel dashboard and select Add New Audiobook. If you don’t see Add New Audiobook as an option, please read our blog post and then request access to the beta.
  2. Complete the form and click Create Audiobook.
  3. You’ve created your audiobook! It is currently in draft.

Next, you will upload the files.

Step 2: Upload MP3 Files

Once you begin uploading your audiobook files, you have 5 days to complete the upload and submit the audiobook for processing. If you do not submit your audiobook for processing within 5 days, the files will be deleted and you will need to upload the MP3s again.

To upload your MP3 files:

  1. Drag-and-drop your audio MP3 files, or click Upload MP3 to manually locate and upload each file in your audiobook.
  2. Files will sort alphabetically by default. To sort in order that they are uploaded, untick the Sort files alphabetically checkbox.
  3. If a file is out of order, you can click and drag it to the correct location.

Step 3: QA Audiobook Before Processing

You are the QA department!

  1. Make sure all MP3 files are uploaded, and, most importantly, in the correct order. Once an audiobook has been processed, you can’t replace the MP3 files or change their order, so make sure the audiobook is correct before processing.
  2. Select the appropriate content type for each file. The audiobook must begin with an Introduction or Opening Credits and end with an Outro, End Credits, or Other. Learn more about content types.
  3. Click Submit Files for Processing.
  4. You’ll receive an email once your audiobook is finished processing.

After processing, you can review your chapter titles and make any necessary changes to make your Table of Contents shine.

Content Types

A content type tells BookFunnel what is in your book.

Every audiobook must begin with an Introduction or Opening Credits and end with an Outro, End Credits, or Other.

Label your IntroductionEnd CreditsNumbered Chapters, and, if you have anything outside of the dropdown options, choose Other. Once the audiobook has been processed, you can customize every chapter title in your audiobook.

The First Chapter type is extra helpful when uploading a boxset. Tell BookFunnel where each book in your boxset begins, and BookFunnel will number subsequent chapters beginning at “1”. No one wants Book Two in a boxset to begin with “Chapter 62”!

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