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The BookFunnel App

We released an app in late 2015 for Android and Kindle Fire devices that will allow readers to download the book wirelessly to their device. You can find it right here:

Get the BookFunnel App

App Details

Installing the BookFunnel App is never required, but it sure makes it easier to download books wirelessly to your Kindle Fire and Android device.

The BookFunnel App:

  • Downloads books and sends them to the reader’s preferred reading app
  • Is not a reading app
  • Requires only 2 permissions (internet access and write access to save the book file)
  • Has no ads and never will

Android users can get the BookFunnel app from the Google Play Store. Kindle Fire users can download it straight from us.

Kindle Fire Readers

A reader who wants the book delivered wirelessly to their Kindle Fire is encouraged to download our app because it allows them to tap a button and BOOM, have the book. We stopped recommending the email Send To Kindle method because so many emailed books were rejected randomly by Amazon and because the process to add their email as an approved sender was very complicated for some readers. Worse, when the reader contacted BookFunnel for help because Send To Kindle wasn’t working, we really had no idea why their book never showed up. “Ask Amazon!” and “Try, try again!” were, unsurprisingly, not appreciated or considered very helpful.

Kindle Fire readers want to “download directly” to their device, the same way they can when they buy a book from Amazon. That is impossible on the Kindle Fire without our app.

If a Kindle Fire reader doesn’t want our app (and some don’t), they are offered the option to email the book file, or download the book to their PC and transfer the book to their Kindle Fire with a USB cable. We also suggest Amazon’s Send To Kindle App, which is FAR superior to the email method. Unfortunately, Amazon hasn’t updated it for Windows 10, so we can’t yet recommend it to all Kindle users with a PC.

Android Readers

Android users are also offered our app from the Google Play Store, depending on the reading app they select. Specifically, Kindle For Android Readers and Nook For Android readers see the BookFunnel app recommendation. Readers using any other reading app (like Kobo, Play Books, etc.) do not see the BookFunnel app recommendation because those apps will open a book stored anywhere on the device.

When Readers Need Help

If a reader is having trouble, our friendly support staff will help them get the book in the way they are most comfortable.

Is the BookFunnel App Required?

Nope. If a reader does not want to use the app, they can always email the book or download the files directly.

BookFunnel App on iOS

iOS readers don’t need the BookFunnel app, so it is not available in the Apple App Store. Apple devices, unlike Androids (a Kindle Fire is just an Android tablet under the covers), will let a reader select the reading app they want and then it will open the book right up. Easy peasy.

Should I tell my readers they have to install an app?

Probably not. Most of your readers can download the book files without ever knowing that we even have an app and we don’t want to add extra steps for them. We will recommend it to the folks that might want to use it. If you tell readers in advance that we have an app, they will often go immediately to their app store and search for it. iOS and PC readers can get confused or annoyed when they “can’t find the app you recommended” and email us for help in locating it.

If you want to announce that we have an app before your readers get the book, please specify “Kindle Fire and Android users may be offered the BookFunnel app to assist in downloading the book wirelessly.”

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