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The BookFunnel App

We released an app in late 2015 for Android and Kindle Fire devices that allowed readers to download books wirelessly to their devices. We released a new version of the app for iOS in March 2020 to the App Store.

Get the BookFunnel App

The BookFunnel App Details

Installing the BookFunnel App is never required, but it sure makes it easier to download books wirelessly to your device.

The BookFunnel App downloads books and sends them to the reader’s preferred reading app.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

Kindle Fire users can download the BookFunnel app directly from us.

Kindle Fire tablet readers should use Send to Kindle to read a book in the Kindle library of their tablet.

If a reader wants to read or listen to their BookFunnel ebook or audiobook in the BookFunnel app, they can download it using the link above.

Android Phones and Tablets

Android users can get the BookFunnel app from the Google Play Store.

BookFunnel App on iOS

The BookFunnel App is now available for iPhones and iPads.

Available now!

When Readers Need Help

If a reader is having trouble, our friendly support staff will help them get the book in the way they are most comfortable. They can click Need help? at the top of every BookFunnel download page, or they can visit this link to submit a help ticket.

Is the BookFunnel App Required?

Nope. If a reader does not want to use the app, they can always email the book or download the files directly. We’re happy to walk them through it.

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