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BookFunnel App Download Codes

When you open the BookFunnel app, it asks you to enter a download code. Where can you find the code to download your book? On the BookFunnel book page!

Find The BookFunnel App Code to Download Your Ebook

An author sent you a link to download your book. When you clicked that email link, you were taken to a book page with the book cover and description that looked a little something like this:

You can find the app download code on any BookFunnel download page.

Click the “Get my book” button (the text may vary slightly, but it is the large button next to or below the book cover). Then, you’ll see a dialogue slide down that says “I need the BookFunnel download code”. Click (or tap) that to find your code, like this:

An author has to send you a book (via BookFunnel link) before you can use the BookFunnel app.

BookFunnel is a service that enables authors to send books to their existing readers. If you stumbled upon our app in the Google Play Store, it isn’t a discovery app and won’t help you find free books.

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