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Deliver Your Ebook and Audiobook Sales

You can sell your books on your own and BookFunnel will email a private download link to your buyer automatically! If a reader has any trouble transferring a book to their reading device, our top-notch support team is always happy to help.

Whether you are looking for easy-peasy set-up, all-in-one store solutions, or every customization under the sun, we support a platform that will suit you. We have noted the tech-skills required for each of the five sales platforms we support, along with their fee structure and basic pros/ cons to help you decide which store is best for you. We try to keep this information current, so please send us a note if this becomes outdated.

How Does It Work?

You create a delivery action on BookFunnel so that we know which book(s) to deliver. One delivery action typically delivers one book, but it can optionally deliver multiple books if you are selling a boxset or book bundle and don’t want to have to merge your ebook files into one, giant file.

When a reader buys through one of our supported store platforms, BookFunnel emails them a private link to download their book(s). If a buyer purchases more than one book, they will receive one email with links to each of the items they purchased.

If you choose to sell your books using PayPal on your own website, buyers are immediately taken to their BookFunnel download link once the payment has been processed (and we email them the link too, just in case). You can customize the download page and email message buyers receive.

If buyers have any trouble downloading their book, send them to BookFunnel.com/help and we’ll help them out!


Payhip is a great option if you are interested in selling direct without any real investment of cash or time. There is no monthly fee and it only takes a few minutes to create an account and upload your books. If you choose to sell to readers in the European Union, Payhip collects and pays all EU VAT so that you don’t have to think about it.

Difficulty: Easy

Pros: Payhip reports and pays EU VAT, accepts credit cards and PayPal payments, has no monthly fee and is fast to get up and running

Cons: Book is sold on Payhip (by linking to a page on their site), not your own website

Cost: 5% per transaction, plus standard credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S.)

Net monthly earnings after selling 50 books for $1.99 each: $ 76.64

Learn more about setting up Payhip and BookFunnel


Shopify is a robust storefront with many options to customize your store and buyer’s experience. They have a huge knowledge base to help you get started, no matter where you are in your career. They also support point-of-sale transactions, so if selling at trade shows or conventions is a future goal, Shopify might be your winner! Plans start at $29/month and include almost every feature the average user might want. If you do not want to build an online store on Shopify, you can look at Shopify Lite for $9/month.

Difficulty: Moderate

Pros: Drag-and-drop store builder, custom buy buttons, point-of-sale support, simple sales tax collection (you must file and remit sales tax to your state)

Cons: It can be overwhelming to get started with Shopify if you just want a simple sales landing page and aren’t ready to design an entire storefront

Cost: $29/month + 2% per transaction, plus standard credit card processing fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S.)

Net monthly earnings after selling 50 books for $1.99 each: $ 50.62

Learn more about setting up Shopify and BookFunnel


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin you can install to build a store on your own WordPress installation. While WooCommerce is free to install on your WordPress site, there are fees associated with hosting your own domain. You cannot install WooCommerce if WordPress is hosting your website. Example: authorname.wordpress.com

Difficulty: Moderate, if you already familiar with WooCommerce and WordPress

Pros: WooCommerce is a snap to install and setup if you are already a WordPress expert, buyers don’t have to leave your WordPress site to buy your book, low transaction fees

Cons: Requires a WordPress site

Cost: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S. (Excluding the cost to host your own WordPress site)

Net monthly earnings after selling 50 books for $1.99 each: $ 81.61

Learn more about setting up WooCommerce and BookFunnel


PayPal is recognized and trusted by buyers all over the world and is required (in our humble opinion) if you want readers to buy directly from you. While getting started with a PayPal business account takes some time, you can do just about anything.

Difficulty: Very difficult, requires patience

Pros: You can sell on your own website, lowest cost per transaction, buyers can be taken straight to their BookFunnel download page after completing the book purchase without needing to wait for the delivery email

Cons: You are on your own with taxes, complicated for the average author’s needs as you’ll need to build all of your own sales pages, especially complicated if you want to build an entire storefront

Cost: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S.

Net monthly earnings after selling 50 books for $1.99 each: $ 81.61

Learn more about setting up PayPal and BookFunnel

Additional Notes

  • Delivery Actions are available on all plans Note: BookFunnel will not send a delivery email for a book priced at $0.00 if you are on a First-Time Author plan.
  • Each buyer receives a unique download link
  • Buyers have 14 days to download the book files and can request additional time by visiting BookFunnel.com/help
  • EPUB & MOBI files are watermarked with the buyer’s email address
  • Delivery Action downloads are counted against your monthly download quota (just like a regular download)


Is BookFunnel selling my book?

You are responsible for selling your book and collecting the payment. We can handle the delivery of the files if you sell your book through one of the supported sales platforms.

Do you support Gumroad, eJunkie, Stripe, (insert-any-other-online-retailer-here),etc?

Not at this time. Let us know which platform you would like for us to consider next by sending an email!

Is there any delay between the time a reader buys my book and the time they receive the BookFunnel email?

There shouldn’t be a delay, but there can be internet hiccups that slow down the transaction notification. In our testing, it never took longer than 20 seconds to receive a completed transaction notification, but individual results may occasionally vary.

There is no delay when you sell through PayPal on your own website.

I already deliver the book files through Payhip/Shopify/WooCommerce/ Dropbox. Can you just handle the tech support?

You can customize the email your readers see. Since your readers may have already downloaded the file from the store or Dropbox folder, you can include text like this in your delivery email:

“You’ve already received the book files, but sometimes they can be tricky to transfer to your reading device. If you have any trouble, you can download your copy of book_title from BookFunnel using this link. They have step-by-step instructions and are happy to help if you need additional assistance.”

Can I make my books free on PayHip/ Shopify/WooCommerce and BookFunnel deliver them?

If you are on a Mid-List plan or higher, BookFunnel will send a delivery email when you “sell” a free book.

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