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Readers Can’t Find Their Certified Mail

Certified Mail comes from help@bookfunnel.com.

How Email Works

BookFunnel sends the Certified Mail email out and waits to hear back from the recipient’s service provider. If the email service provider accepts the email, our part in the transaction is complete. There is no visibility once the recipient’s email service provider “accepts the message for delivery” and we trust that they will deliver the message.

BookFunnel cannot track where an email goes once a user’s email provider accepts it. The only information we receive from an email service provider is “accepted for delivery” or an error.

When Readers Lose or Didn’t Receive The Email

If a reader cannot locate their Certified Mail message or deleted it by mistake, you can click the Resend button next to their email address on your BookFunnel dashboard.

Or, they can download a copy of the book from their BookFunnel Library. The only exception to this would be if there was an error sent to their email address (which would have been noted in your campaign summary report). If BookFunnel successfully sent the book to their email address, we added a copy to their library.

Errors When Sending Certified Mail

If Certified Mail fails to send to a reader, we will include the error message in the “Your campaign has been sent!” email.

The two most common sending errors are:

You tried to send to a recipient that has been marked as inactive. Inactive recipients are ones that have generated a hard bounce or a spam complaint. If the user’s email address has hard-bounced but is now active again, please contact us so that we can reactivate their email address in our system. If a reader has recently reported an email from BookFunnel as spam or junk, we cannot email them automatically. If they would like to be removed from our blocklist, they can email help@bookfunnel.com so that we can review it. In most cases, we can resolve the issue quickly and remove their email address from our blocklist.

Invalid domain name in the email address. We were unable to verify the domain in the reader’s email address. This usually means the email address has a typo in the domain (after the “@” in the email address). If you know the user’s email domain is valid, please contact us so that we can investigate.

How Readers Can Whitelist BookFunnel

Readers can add help@bookfunnel.com to their allow list and increase the likelihood that Certified Mail will arrive promptly in their inbox. All they have to do is send one blank email to help@bookfunnel.com with “Allow list” as the subject line.

Most readers will receive their emails without this extra step, but it can help.

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