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Certified Mail: Readers Can’t Find The Email

Certified Mail comes from help@bookfunnel.com.

How Email Works

BookFunnel sends the Certified Mail email out and waits to hear back from the recipient’s service provider. If the email service provider “accepts the message for delivery,” our part in the transaction is complete. There is no visibility once the recipient’s email service provider accepts the message, and we have to trust that they will deliver the message. If the email service provider sends us an error or bounces the message, we log the error in your Certified Mail campaign.

BookFunnel cannot track where an email goes once a user’s email provider accepts it for delivery. We cannot explain why a service provider would accept a message and then not deliver it. The only information we receive from an email service provider is “accepted for delivery” or an error.

Why Emails “Go Missing”

Three things can cause a reader to not see or receive their Certified Mail from BookFunnel:

  1. There was an error sending to their email address. Any errors would be noted in the “Your campaign has been sent” email you received. See section below “Errors When Sending Certified Mail”
  2. Their email program or app has filtered the message. They need to check their inbox for an email from help@bookfunnel.com. They should also check their spam, junk, “All Mail”, “Promotions”, and “Updates” inbox for the email from help@bookfunnel.com.
  3. Email can sometimes be an unreliable system (see above). Unless there is a sending error in your campaign report, the reader’s email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) accepted the message for delivery. Once the message is accepted, it is out of our control and we have to assume that the email provider delivered the email. It is rare that an email actually gets lost, but it can happen. Most readers eventually find the email in their inbox somewhere, but if they don’t, it is easy to send them the download link directly.

If a reader cannot locate their Certified Mail email, you do not need to duplicate the campaign or resend a new campaign. The reader probably wouldn’t receive the new campaign email either, and it would split your download data between multiple campaigns (and no one wants that!). It only takes a moment to locate their private download link on your dashboard:

  1. Click Certified Mail on your dashboard and then click the name of the campaign.
  2. Scan the table for the email address of the reader that didn’t get the original email.
  3. Next to their email address is the private link to download their copy of the book.
  4. Copy the private link.
  5. Email your reader the private link directly from your own email address.

Errors When Sending Certified Mail

If Certified Mail fails to send to a reader, we will include the error message in the “Your campaign has been sent!” email.

The three most common errors we see are:

  1. The reader has reported an email from help@bookfunnel.com as spam. If a reader has recently reported an email from help@bookfunnel.com as spam, we cannot email them. If they would like to be removed from our blacklist, they need to email help@bookfunnel.com so that we can review the number of times they have reported us as spam and see if we can remove their block. In most cases, we can resolve the issue and remove their email address from our blacklist.
  2. The reader’s email is invalid. A previous attempt to email this email address hard-bounced, and the email provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) reported it is a bad mailbox. This is usually caused by a typo in the email address.
  3. The reader’s email address soft-bounced. A message to this email address has soft-bounced in the last 24 hours and is currently on our soft-bounce blacklist. After 24 hours, we will remove their email from our blacklist.

If there is an error, you can send the reader their private link (see instructions above).

How Readers Can Whitelist BookFunnel

Readers can whitelist help@bookfunnel.com, and it will increase the likelihood that Certified Mail will arrive promptly in their inbox. All they have to do is send one blank email to help@bookfunnel.com with “Whitelist” as the subject line. Most readers will receive their emails without this extra step, but it can help.

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