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Certified Mail vs. Restricted Pages

Why would you choose one over the other?

Certified Mail

Certified Mail allows you to create a small campaign on BookFunnel and send a book out to your review team.

The email addresses you send Certified Mail campaigns to must be vetted and engaged reviewers. If they are not, our Certified Mail could be marked as spam, damaging our ability to email everyone.

We aren’t a mailing list service, so please don’t use Certified Mail for marketing. Learn more about Certified Mail.

Certified Mail Pros

  • Only the people you send the campaign to can download the book.
  • Easily draft a distraction-free review campaign.
  • Emails come from our support desk, so reviewers can reply if they need assistance downloading a book.
  • A simple checkbox allows you to send a reminder email halfway through the campaign, with review instructions included.
  • Can add email addresses after a campaign has been sent.
  • Tidy CSV of download data in your inbox when the campaign closes.

Certified Mail Cons

  • Limited to 500 emails per month. Remember folks, we are not a mailing list provider!
  • Must only be sent to vetted and engaged readers. If we receive spam complaints about your Certified Mail campaign, you may lose access to the feature.
  • Emails come from our support desk, and not from you. Our emails could go to their junk/spam/promotions inbox.

Restricted Pages

A restricted landing page allows you to create a link and connect it to your mailing list. Only subscribers on that mailing list can access the book. Learn more about restricted pages.

Restricted Page Pros

  • Send to anyone on your list! As many readers as you like.
  • The email comes from you (not BookFunnel), so it may be less likely to wind up in the reader’s spam/junk/promotions inbox.
  • Download data is stored in a CSV that you can export at any time.
  • As your review list grows, you can keep sharing the same restricted page link. You don’t have to come back to BookFunnel as your review team grows.

Restricted Page Cons

  • None, really. If you only want people on your list to get the book, this is perfect for you.

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