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Restricted Pages – Send Books to Existing Subscribers (Only)

If your BookFunnel account is integrated with your mailing list service, you can restrict your pages to only existing subscribers. When a reader submits their email address, we will check your mailing list and make sure they are on it before they can download the book. If their email address isn’t on the list, they can’t get the book. Learn more about direct integration here.

When Would I Use a Restricted Page?

  • To send review copies out when you can’t use Certified Mail (Certified Mail vs. Restricted Pages).
  • When you only want a specific list (Buyers? Loyal fans?) to receive your exclusive content.
  • When you want to blacklist habitual un-subscribers from getting free content.

How Do Restricted Pages Work?

  1. You create a restricted landing page and send its link to your readers.
  2. Readers click the link and submit their email address.
  3. BookFunnel checks your mailing list to see if the email already exists.
  4. If yes, they can download the book.
  5. If no, they are stopped and can’t download the book.

Should I Use a Restricted Page?

That depends. Most authors are A-OK with their book links being shared far and wide, provided a reader is willing to sign up for their mailing list first. If you are like most authors, DO NOT use this feature.

This is only used if you are fine with a reader being told “No.”

What If a New Subscriber Sees My Restricted Page?

If a reader submits an email address and is not on the list, they will receive this message:

“I’m sorry, this offer is not available to the email address provided. Click here for more information: Author_Provided_URL”

The URL you provide can direct them wherever you like. Send them to your website, your Amazon sales page, or even to a different page on BookFunnel. Just because this book download is restricted, doesn’t mean that you can’t offer them a sample of a different book or your first-in-series for free.

How To Create a Restricted Page

You will integrate your account with your mailing list (or Patreon) and then create a new restricted landing page.

To create a restricted page:

  1. Your BookFunnel account must be integrated with your mailing list service first.
  2. Click the Add button at the top of your dashboard and create a new page
  3. Select “A restricted landing page for current subscribers”
  4. Click Create Page
  5. Under Restricted List, select the list a reader must be actively subscribed to in order to download the book
  6. Optional: Add a URL that you want readers to see that try to get the book but are not on the list.
  7. Check the box to confirm the reader’s email, and we will send an email (to confirm that they are who they say they are) before they can download the book.
  8. Complete the rest of the form and click Save and Close


Why can't I require the first name, last name, or opt-in requirement on the page form?

On a restricted page, the reader is already on your list, so you should already have their name. They don’t need to opt-in because they are already on your mailing list.

If you want new subscribers to be able to opt-in and get your book, use an opt-in landing page instead.

Can I use this feature without direct integration on my account?

We must be able to check your list at the moment a reader submits their email address, so integration is required.

What if there is an error?

If BookFunnel attempts to check your list and your mailing list provider returns an error, we ask the reader to submit their email address again later. Usually, these connectivity errors are minor hiccups and are resolved within seconds.

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