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Direct Integration with Your Mailing List

Direct integration with your mailing list service means that when we collect an email on your behalf, we can add that email to your mailing list automatically. Readers receive a unique, non-shareable link to download your book and are added to your mailing list immediately.

Integration is included on all Bestseller and Publisher plans and can be added to a Mid-List plan for an additional fee. Details below.

Learn how to use BookFunnel without direct integration with your list.

BookFunnel Integrates With These Services

  • ActiveCampaign
  • AWeber
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit
  • EmailOctopus
  • MailChimp
  • MailerLite
  • Patreon (not a mailing list service)

How Mailing List Integration Works

You create a giveaway page (that collects emails) and point it to one of your mailing lists. Then share it with readers.

When readers click the giveaway link, they can sign up for your mailing list. BookFunnel confirms their email address (optionally) and then adds the new subscriber to your list.

Once on your list, you can have your mailing list service begin any automation sequence you have set up.

Does My Plan Include Integration?

Integration is included on Bestseller and Publisher plans. If can be added to any Mid-List plan for an additional fee.

+ Add Integration to Mid-List monthly plan for an additional $5/month

+ Add Integration to Mid-List annual plan for an additional $50/year

Not sure which plan you are subscribed to? Check the Account page of your BookFunnel dashboard. If you would like to add integration, click Edit next to your plan on the Account page and select Mid-List+Integration. Click “Change My Plan” to save your plan change. Find step-by-step instructions.

Getting Started With Integration

First, you will need to integrate your BookFunnel account with your mailing list provider.

  1. Click Integrations on your dashboard
  2. Click “+Add New Integration” and follow the steps on the screen
  3. Once you have completed the steps, you will see your service on the Integrations tab of your BookFunnel dashboard

By default, your new integration will be called the name of the service that you integrated with (Example: MailChimp) and will be attached to every pen name on your BookFunnel account.

You can change the name of your integration and the pen names attached to it by clicking Integrations on your BookFunnel dashboard and then clicking the “Edit” button next to your integration.

Edit your giveaway pages so that new subscribers are sent to your list:

Once you have integrated with your mailing list service, you can edit existing giveaway pages so that any new subscribers will start funneling to your list. BookFunnel does not automatically change all of your giveaway pages when you add an integration.

Any page that says “No list, export CSV only” on your Integrations tab is not yet pointing to your list. You will need to edit each giveaway page.

  1. Click Integrations to view all of your existing giveaway pages
  2. Click the name of the giveaway page you want to edit
  3. Click the Action button and select Edit Page.
  4. Select the list you would like BookFunnel to send new subscribers to in the Integration List drop-down menu (If you do not see your lists, click the refresh link next to Integration Lists)
  5. Click Advanced Settings if you would like to send custom fields to your mailing list (Learn how to use custom fields)
  6. Click Save and Close

New subscribers will be added to the list you selected.

Any subscriber that signed up before you clicked Save and Close will need to be exported and imported into your list manually. The top of the giveaway page will display how many subscribers need to be exported after you click Save and Close.

Create a new giveaway page and point it to your list:

  1. Click the Add button at the top of your dashboard and select Add New Page
  2. Select a book from the drop-down menu
  3. Select “An email signup page to collect new readers”
  4. Click “The reader is required to join my list to get the book” or “The reader can have the book, but give them the option to join” (if you want opt-in to be optional)
  5. Complete the form (Very detailed instructions can be found here)
  6. Select the list you would like to add new subscribers to in the Integration List drop-down menu (If you do not see your lists, click the refresh link next to Integration Lists)
  7. Click Advanced Settings if you would like to send custom fields to your mailing list (Learn how to use custom fields)
  8. Click Save and Close

BookFunnel will collect email addresses and send them to your mailing list automatically.

Patreon Integration

Patreon is not a mailing list service, and its BookFunnel integration is slightly different. Learn more about Patreon integration.


How can I restrict my page to only allow existing subscribers to download my book?
Can I still download a CSV, even if BookFunnel is automatically sending readers to my mailing list?

Yes, if you create a giveaway page, the data is saved in a CSV on your dashboard. Learn where you can find it.

Does the reader receive my MailChimp welcome email?

MailChimp will only send your “final welcome” email when using MailChimp’s confirmation and subscription process. You can use MailChimp’s automation to send a welcome email to subscribers after BookFunnel adds them to your list.

Can I use my giveaway link as my landing page?

Absolutely! Your giveaway page on BookFunnel can be a quick offer for some ad or contest, or it can be your permanent signup page on the web. Use it any way you like.

Can I create more than one giveaway link?

Of course! You can create as many as you like.

Can each giveaway point to a different mailing list?

Yes. Multiple giveaway pages can point to the same list, or each giveaway can point to any list you choose.

Can I integrate with more than one mailing list service? MailerLite and MailChimp, for example?

Mid-List+Integration plans and above can directly integrate with multiple mailing list accounts:

Mid-List+Integration – 2 integrations

Bestseller Plan – 3 integrations

Micro-Publisher Plan – 10 integrations

Low-Volume Small Publisher Plan- 20 integrations

intergration integrating intergrating

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