Reader Magnet Delivery

lead magnet is an incentive offered to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. As an author, you are trying to attract readers, so we’ll call it a “reader magnet” (thank you Nick Stephenson for coining the phrase!).

A reader magnet is usually a free copy of your book, short story, extended sample, PDF printable, or some other digital download– something that introduces them to your work so that they can fall in love with it.

You can use BookFunnel to deliver your reader magnet to new readers! You have a few options, depending on your goals and the plan you signed up for.

How to Deliver a Reader Magnet Using a Simple Download Page

You can create a landing page on BookFunnel that does not collect the reader’s email address.

How do you get their email address then so that you can follow-up with them through your newsletter?

  1. Upload your reader magnet to BookFunnel as a new “book” and create a new landing page that does not collect email addresses.
  2. Create a signup form on your own website. All mailing list services will let you do this.
  3. Drive reader traffic to the signup form on your website, where they can enter their email address (link to the signup in the back of your published books, on your Facebook page, on billboards, etc.).
  4. Once a reader has subscribed through your form, your mailing list service can send them an automated “welcome” email.
  5. Add your BookFunnel download link to that welcome email, so that your new subscribers can download your reader magnet. Learn how to create a landing page.

How to Deliver a Reader Magnet Using an Email Signup Landing Page

You don’t have to design your own landing page on your website, learn to embed the signup form, and then edit your welcome email to link readers back to BookFunnel to download the reader magnet. Heck, you don’t even need to have an author website yet.

Nope, if you want fewer steps for yourself and your new subscribers, you can create an opt-in landing page and use it as your signup page.  We’ll collect and confirm their opt-in and email, deliver the book, and add new subscribers to your mailing list automatically with direct integration!

If your plan doesn’t include integration, we’ll save their data on your dashboard so that you can import emails to your mailing list at your convenience.

  1. Upload your reader magnet to BookFunnel as a new “book”.
  2. Create a landing page on BookFunnel that collects emails and set it to require readers to opt-in. Learn how to create an email signup page.
  3. Drive reader traffic to your landing page on BookFunnel. Do this by adding “Get my book!” text to your website and link that text, button, or image to your BookFunnel page. Examples of where you might want to add a this call-to-action would be your website’s sidebar, header and/or footer, or even a popup (that might require a plugin if your website theme doesn’t support popups already).
  4. If your BookFunnel account is integrated with your list, we’ll add new subscribers to your list automatically and deliver your reader magnet. If not, you can save a CSV of your new subscribers and import it into your mailing list service manually.

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