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Step By Step: Create a Download Page (That Does NOT Collect Emails)

Download Pages (That Do NOT Collect Emails)

This type of download page will allow anyone that obtains your link to download your book. We won’t collect any reader data, which means less friction for your readers. If you want BookFunnel to collect a valid email address before allowing someone to download your book, learn more about Giveaway Pages here.

If you prefer an overview and not a step-by-step this in-depth, find that here.

  1. Click the Add button at the top of your dashboard and select Add New Download Page.
  2. Select the book you want to send to readers from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click “No, just let them download the book”.
  4. Complete the form.
    1. Download Page Name: This is a convenient reference for you. Example: “Pride and Prejudice link for Facebook ad”.
    2. Expiration Date: Your link will expire at 11:59 PM PST on the date you select. You can easily edit this field later.
    3. Download Limit: This is the total number of times the book can be downloaded. Example: A download limit of 50 will allow 50 people to download your book.
    4. Page Title: This is what the internet browser tab will display above your page.
    5. Heading 1: Use a great tagline to grab your reader’s attention. Keep this short and punchy.
    6. Heading 2: This is a smaller font than Heading 1.
    7. Button Text: This is the text on the button readers will click.
    8. Page Text: You can leave this blank, use your book description, or use custom text on your download page. If you leave it blank or use custom text, you will need to come back to the download page anytime you want to edit the text on the page. If you use your book description, any changes to your book’s text will automatically sync to your download page(s).
    9. Advanced Settings:
      • Expired Message: Customize the message readers see when the page has expired. Example: I’m sorry, this promotion has expired. You can find my new series on Amazon and Kobo here (with links).
      • Redeemed Message: Customize the message readers will see once the page has reached its download limit. Example: I’m sorry, this promotion is no longer available. You can join my newsletter here (with link).
      • Facebook Pixel – Paste your Facebook Pixel here.
  5. Click Preview Download Page to see exactly what your readers will see if on a computer, tablet, and phone.
  6. Click Save And Close.
  7. Your download page link will appear at the top of the Download Page Details screen. You can always view and edit the page details by clicking the book’s title under Books and then clicking on the name of your download page.

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