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Getting Started on the First-Time Author Plan

On the First-Time Author plan, there are three basic steps to sharing your books with readers: first, add your author pen name, then upload a book, and finally, you’ll send it to readers so they can download the book! Each step is outlined below to get you started.

Learn how to navigate your dashboard here.

Add Your Pen Name

  1. Click Pen Names on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click Add Pen Name and complete the short form.
  3. Click Save Author.

Need more details? Learn more about managing your pen name.

Upload Your Book

  1. Click Add New at the top of your BookFunnel dashboard and select Add New Book.
  2. Fill in your book’s details like title and description.
  3. Click Save and Close.
  4. Upload your book cover image. Optionally upload at least one book file (EPUB, MOBI, PDF) if you want BookFunnel to distribute your book. Sales landing pages and preorders do not require an ebook file.

Need more details? Learn more about adding books.

Share Your Book With Readers

Once your book is uploaded, it is ready to share with readers!

Here are a few ways you can share your book using BookFunnel:


How do I collect email addresses when a reader downloads my book?

On the First-Time Author plan, you will collect reader email addresses on your own website before you send them to BookFunnel to download your book.

If you would like to use BookFunnel as your signup page, email collection is available on our Mid-List plan. You can compare our plans and features here, and if necessary, learn how to change your plan.

Can BookFunnel tell me which readers download my book?

Email collection is available on the Mid-List plan. BookFunnel doesn’t track or collect reader data on the First-Time Author plan

Does BookFunnel promote my book?

BookFunnel is not a promotional platform and we do not have a reader list. Readers will only find your book on our service if you (or someone else) sends them the link to it.

Because we are not a promo site, you can trust that when you send your reader to BookFunnel, they are only going to see your book. They will not receive free content by other authors on our service. While we will never solicit your reader, we think it is awesome when authors work and promote together, so we built this handy board to facilitate those partnerships.

Can I set a download limit on my landing page?

Yes. If you set a download limit of 10, that means that the book can be downloaded a total of 10 times before the link is “redeemed” and no one else can download your book. It is not a download limit per person, because we can’t track readers on the First-Time Author plan.

Can I set an expiration date?

Yes, your landing page will remain active until 11:59 pm PST on the expiration date you select.

What should I do if a reader emails me for tech support?

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