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Gift A Book: Certified Mail For One

Book gifting allows you to send a private, non-shareable download link to one lucky reader at a time. You compose a quick greeting and provide the recipient’s email address, and BookFunnel will email your reader a download link.

Most authors use this when they are awarding a reader a prize (“You won a copy of Book_Title in our raffle! Enjoy!”) or when they want to send the book to a single reviewer.

Book Gifting Vs. Certified Mail Campaigns

The biggest difference between book gifting and building a Certified Mail campaign is time. You can send a gifted book to one reader in seconds, while Certified Mail campaigns take a few minutes to create.

Gifted books don’t include any automated follow-up emails, unlike Certified Mail.

Features of Book Gifting Through Certified Mail

  • Your reader receives a unique download link that can’t be shared online with others.
  • Both the EPUB and MOBI are watermarked with the recipient’s email address to discourage piracy.
  • Book gifting email comes from our help desk, so your reader can simply reply to request assistance.
  • You can keep track of who has received a gift and if they downloaded their book right on your dashboard. Export a CSV of all of the books you have gifted on your dashboard.


Does the book have to be a free gift?

You can send someone a book for any reason.

What does this error message mean: Unable to send: Your message body did not include a {{download_link}}.

You deleted the download link from the email, so BookFunnel doesn’t know where to insert the download link when it tried to send your message.

Type this into your outgoing message wherever you want BookFunnel to insert the link and then click Send again:


Can I send a gift to several readers at one time?

To send your book to more than one reviewer at one time, switch to a Certified Mail campaign.

How can I automate this to send new subscribers or reviewers a private link?

You can use a download page that collects email addresses and email the link to it out as you find reviewers that are interested in your book. If you have direct integration on your account, you will want to use a restricted giveaway page. Compare Certified Mail and Restricted Pages.

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