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Gift A Book: Send One Book to One Reader

Book gifting allows you to send a private download link to one lucky reader at a time. You compose a quick greeting and provide the recipient’s email address, and BookFunnel will email your reader a download link. Book gifting is available on all Mid-List author plans and above.

Most authors use this when they are awarding a reader a prize (“You won a copy of Book_Title in our raffle! Enjoy!”) or when they want to send the book to a single reviewer.

Book gifting takes seconds to send one book to one reader. You fire off a “gift” and you’re done– BookFunnel takes it from there. Gifted books don’t include any automated follow-up emails.

Benefits of Book Gifting

  • Send your book to someone in seconds (literally!)
  • Your reader receives a unique, trackable download link
  • Watermarked EPUB and MOBI files
  • Readers can simply reply to the “gift” email if they need download assistance

How To Gift a Book

To “gift” a book:

  1. Click Gift A Book on your BookFunnel dashboard
  2. Select a book or media to send from the dropdown menu
  3. Type the reader’s first name into the To Name field
  4. Type or paste the reader’s email address into the To Email Address field
  5. Optionally customize the text of the Mail Subject line
  6. Optionally personalize the Message to Reader. Don’t touch any {{variables}}. Customize the message around them. Learn more about variables below.
  7. Click Send Book

Additional Tips: Never type your book’s title or the recipient’s name into the body of the message. Always use the {{title}} and {{name}} variable. This will save your from accidentally sending a message to a future reader with the wrong book title or first name in the message.

Using Variables When Book Gifting

Variables are powerful and handy! Draft a quirky, personalized message one time and then send it to different readers, without ever without having to type the reader’s name, book title, or your author name into the body of the message again.

A variable on BookFunnel uses double curly brackets like this {{variable}}. BookFunnel will automatically replace the variable with the correct text when sending the email. The curly brackets {{ }} will not be displayed in the outgoing message.

Three variables are supported in book gifting:

{{title}} = This will insert your book’s title

{{name}} = This will insert the recipient’s name as provided in the To Name field

{{author}} = This will insert the author pen name on your book

{{download_link}} = Don’t touch this one! This is where BookFunnel will insert a private download link generated exclusively for the email address provided in the To Email Address field

Below is an example of the default message in a book gifting email, and how the text will look when sent to a reader.

Default text and variables. All variables should be left exactly as they are displayed here.
When you click Send Book, BookFunnel will replace all {{variables}} with the correct text.

BookFunnel will insert a private link when you click Send Book.

How is this wizardry achieved? By using the {{download_link}} variable.

The {{download_link}} should never be edited or deleted. Leave it exactly as displayed in the default message. You can customize the text above and below the download link variable. You do not have to paste a download link at all, BookFunnel will automatically insert a unique download link when you click Send Book.

The download link variable {{download_link}} should be left exactly like this in the Message to Reader:

Book Gifting Records

You can find a history of gifts you have sent by clicking Gift a Book on your BookFunnel dashboard and scrolling down. There you can view the most recent gifts you have sent and which gifts have been downloaded.

Click Export CSV to download a history of your book gifts for your own records.


Does the book have to be a free gift?

You can send someone a book for any reason.

What does this error message mean: Unable to send: Your message body did not include a {{download_link}}.

You deleted the download link variable from the email, so BookFunnel doesn’t know where to insert the download link when it tried to send your message.

Type this into your outgoing message wherever you want BookFunnel to insert the link and then click Send again:


Can I send a gift to several readers at one time?

To send your book to more than one reviewer at one time, switch to a Certified Mail campaign.

How can I automate this to send new subscribers or reviewers a private link?

Book gifting can’t be automated. Instead, you can create a landing page that collects email addresses and send its link to reviewers that are interested in your book through your own mailing list service. If you have direct integration on your account, you can use a restricted page so that only certain people can download a copy of your book.

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