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The BookFunnel Bundles Bulletin Board (The B4)

The BookFunnel Bundles Bulletin Board allows you to post your cross-promotional opportunities so that other BookFunnel authors can find it and sign up. The B4 (shortened to save our word count!) is here to help you connect with other authors on BookFunnel that want to work with you.

Any BookFunnel author can post a promo or set up notifications to follow specific genre(s).

What can I do with the Promotions board?

  • Create your own promo and post it so that other authors can join up.
  • Find other promos that are currently recruiting authors in your genre.
  • Set a notification and learn when other authors post promos in your genre or sub-genre.

Where can I find the B4 Promotions board?

Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.

Where can I post my promo so that more authors can see it?

Join our Bundle Authors Facebook group here!

How can I post or join a promo on the B4?

Learn how to post your promo on the B4 here.

Learn how to join a promo on the B4 here.


Does BookFunnel promote my book?

BookFunnel is not a promotional platform and we do not have a reader list. Readers will only find your book on our service if you (or someone else) sends them the link to it.

Because we are not a promo site, you can trust that when you send your reader to BookFunnel, they are only going to see your book. They will not receive free content by other authors on our service. While we will never solicit your reader, we think it is awesome when authors work and promote together, so we built this handy board to facilitate those partnerships.

The Promotions board can help you find other authors to promote with.

Am I required to post my promo?

This board is a place for BookFunnel authors to find each other, and you can use it, or not. You can post your promo on our Promotions board, or K-Boards, or Facebook, or all three (and many, many more) if you like.

Can I reject a link submitted to my promo?

Yes. If you need to reject a book, the author will receive an email letting them know that their link was removed. You can include a quick note explaining why (novellas only, no KDP-Select, etc) as a courtesy.

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