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Group Author Promotions on the BookFunnel Dashboard

The Promotions board can help you connect with other authors on BookFunnel that want to work with you. Any BookFunnel author can post a promo or set up notifications to follow their favorite genres.

BookFunnel supports two types of group promos:

Newsletter promos are designed to grow your newsletter and require a free book (short story, preview, etc.) giveaway to join.

Sales promos are designed to sell your book in stores (or on your own author website) and require a sales landing page to join.

What can I do with the Promotions board?

  • Create your own promo so that other authors can join up
  • Find active promos that are currently recruiting in your genre
  • Set a notification and learn when new promos are posted in your genre or sub-genre
  • Post or join a newsletter builder and find new mailing list subscribers
  • Post or join a book sales promotion and sell your books to readers

Where is the Promotions board?

Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard to view any promos that are actively recruiting in your genre.

Get Notified of New Promos

BookFunnel can send an email to your account email address when a new promo is posted in the genre(s) you select. To get notified:

  1. Click Tell us which genres you write in at the top of the Promotions board
  2. Select your genre(s)
  3. Check the box next to Notify me by email when new promos are posted
  4. Click Save

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