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Newsletter Builder Promos

The Promotions board on the BookFunnel dashboard can help you find new readers! When you cross-promote with other authors in your genre, your book is exposed to new readers that are searching for books just like yours. Promotions are most successful when every author shares the promo with their own mailing list and on social media.

BookFunnel currently supports sales promos and newsletter promos.

A newsletter promo is a multi-book landing page where every book is available for free in exchange for signing up for the author’s mailing list (simple download pages and non-opt-in landing pages can also be included in newsletter promos, but, for simplicity’s sake, this article will assume all books require email signup and opt-in).

Clicking on a book cover opens its landing page.

Readers can quickly browse through the books in a newsletter promo, swiping along on their mobile or computer. Our responsive landing pages push your book cover, tagline, and opt-in “above the fold” so that readers don’t have to search around for where they should click next. When they’re interested in a book, they can sign up for the author’s mailing list (using BookFunnel’s simple opt-in process).


In order to join a newsletter promo, you must create an email signup landing page that allows a free book download from BookFunnel.

Click the Add button at the top of your BookFunnel dashboard and create a new page. Select either an email signup page or a simple download page. A sales landing page can only be used in sales promos.

Where can I find a promo to join?

Click Promotions on the BookFunnel dashboard to find a list of new promos that are currently recruiting authors in your genre. Don’t see a promo that suits your book? Post your own!

Get Notified of New Promos

BookFunnel can send an email to your account email address when a new promo is posted in the genre(s) you select. To get notified:

  1. Click Get notified when new promos are posted at the top of the Promotions board
  2. Select your genre(s)
  3. Check the box next to Notify me by email when new promos are posted
  4. Click Save

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