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How to Join a Group Promo

The BookFunnel Bundles Bulletin Board (The B4) allows you to see and join promos that other BookFunnel authors are building. You can read more information about the B4 here.

If you find a promo that you want to join, it is easy to submit your link.

Don’t see any promos that are a good fit for your book? Learn how to post your own promotion here.

Find A Promo to Join

You can find the B4 by clicking Promotions on your dashboard.

Join a Promo

  1. Read the description and requirements carefully.
  2. Submit your contact name and email address. Please provide an author name and author email address that you are comfortable sharing with the promoter and (possibly) other authors in the promo.
  3. Paste your BookFunnel link. Not sure where to find your link?
  4. If you have a question for the promoter or need them to know additional information, you can include it in the Note For Promoter text box.

Remove Your Book From a Promo

Need to remove your book from an upcoming promotion? No problem.

  1. Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Click the name of the promo you want to withdraw from.
  3. Click the trash icon next to your book title.
  4. The promoter will be notified when you remove your link. You can add a quick note to let them know why. Example: Will submit a different link shortly to keep my promos separate.


Can I ask the promoter a question?

Yes, you can include your question when you submit your link to the promo. If the promoter has linked to a Facebook discussion on the post, you can leave the question for them there if you prefer.

What if the promoter rejects my link?

You will receive an email notification letting you know that you link wasn’t accepted and (hopefully) a brief note explaining why. Example: Only Giveaway pages that collect emails can be submitted to this promotion.

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