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How to Post, Edit, and Manage a Group Promo on the B4

The promotions board will let you manage your entire promo.

Post a new promo and recruit authors to sign up. Design the group author landing page right from the promo post and communicate with participants easily. While the promo is running, download statistics (views, clicks, claims) for each book will be updated in real time. Participating authors will be able to view their own stats on the promo post, but cannot see any other author’s counts.

It only takes a few moments to post your promo to the BookFunnel Bundles Bulletin Board (The B4). If you are looking for an overview of the B4 and how you can use it, learn more here.

Or, learn how to join someone else’s promo here.

What Happens After You Post a New Promo?

When you create a new promo, it is posted on the Promotions board and other authors can sign up. At 10:00 am CST after the promo is posted, every author that follows your promo’s genre will be sent the details of your promo. You can also share your promo on Facebook, K-Boards, or anywhere else other authors in your genre lurk.

Best Practices When Running a Group Promo

Be Responsive Authors may ask questions about your promo before they sign up. They can also preview your bundle landing page, so be sure to add your own book links (if applicable) and design your bundle landing page.

Reject Early and Often You may receive submissions that aren’t a good fit. If this happens, reject books promptly and include a quick (and kind) note explaining why the book has been rejected. This is especially important if your promo has a limited number of spots available.

Communicate You can use the “Send Update” button on your promo to send a note to every participating author. Need to change the dates of the promo or want to share the Dropbox link for the promo graphics? Use that “Send Update” button and we’ll email everyone. If you need to communicate privately with one participant, click their name on the promo and send them a direct email.

Post a New Promo

To post a new group author promo to the B4:

  1. Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Click Post a New Promo in the top-right corner.
  3. Complete the form.
    • Promotion Name: This is helpful in identifying your promotion. Example: 12 Days of Cozy Mysteries in July.
    • Contact Name and Email: We strive to protect your privacy. We will not share your account name or account email with any other author or service. Please provide a contact name and contact email address that you are comfortable sharing with other authors that want to join your promo.
    • Submission Deadline: This is the last date you will accept submissions. Your promo will automatically close submissions after the deadline has passed. New authors cannot see it or
    • Start/End Dates: The dates your promotion will run. You can edit these dates up until the promotion has ended if necessary.
    • Bundle Link: A promo must be linked to a bundle URL. Select the link from the drop-down menu or click Edit to create a new link. If you try to select a bundle link and BookFunnel tells you that the “Bundle link is already in use in another bundle”, open a new browser window and click Bundles on your BookFunnel dashboard. Select the bundle that is currently published with the URL you were trying to use and edit that bundle. Click inside the Bundle URL drop-down menu and select the top BLANK line. Then save your bundle. Now switch back to your Promo post and you will be able to select the bundle URL.
    • Discussion Link: If you are discussing your promo on Facebook or some other public platform, you can link to it here. If the discussion is taking place in a private group or forum, only authors in that group will be able to see your post. Join our Facebook Author Group here and Author Bundles Group here.
    • Promo Description: Describe the promotion so that authors know if they are a good fit. Is this a group author promotion that is open to anyone that will sign up, or only 6? Do all participants need to share with their newsletter or social media X times? Is this for KDP Select Previews only?
    • Promo Requirements: Select the requirements for your promo. If space in your promo is limited, select the number of available slots. You can then set your promo to automatically close submissions once all of the available spaces have been filled.
  4. Click Post Promo. You will receive an email confirmation with details and a direct link to your promo post on the B4.
  5. View your promo post for accuracy and preview your bundle landing page. You can edit the bundle landing page settings and upload a header image if you have one. Authors that are interested in your promo will preview the landing page, so spiff it up!
  6. Click Add Links at the top of the promo to submit your own book links (if applicable).
  7. If an author sends you their BookFunnel link directly, you can click the Add Link button at the top of your promo and add them manually.

Close Submissions on Your Promo Post

You can close submissions on your promo if you would like to pause or suspend signups.

To close submissions on your promo:

  1. Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Click the name of your promo post.
  3. Click the Close Submissions button near the top of the screen.

Edit Your Promo Post

You can edit your promo while it is recruiting and running. Once it is finished, you cannot edit the promo or reactivate it.

To edit your promo post:

  1. Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Click the name of your promo post.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. Make any changes and then click Save Promo.
  5. If you have changed any values critical to the promo, click Send Update and let authors that have submitted their links know about the changes.

Delete Your Promo Post

If you want to delete your promotion post:

  1. Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard, or just click here.
  2. Click the name of your promo.
  3. Click Delete Promo.
  4. Any author that has submitted their link will receive an email notification that you have canceled the promotion. A record of your promo post will remain on their dashboard as “Canceled”, but will not be visible to anyone else.


Should I use author tracking links?

Author tracking links are turned on by default and allow you to know how many eyeballs each participant is sending to the bundle. If you don’t want to use them, uncheck the box on the bundle landing page settings to turn them off.

How accurate is the view counter on the promo?

We try to report accurately, but readers who view the landing page from more than one IP address, or come back to the page later, may count as more than one view.

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