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BookFunnel Bundles: Create Multi-Book Landing Pages

A BookFunnel Bundle is simply a collection of BookFunnel links attractively displayed on a single page. Keep it simple and allow the book covers to shine, or add your custom header image and text to the top of the bundle page. When a reader clicks a book cover, they are taken to that book’s download page on BookFunnel.

See an example of a BookFunnel Bundle Page

You can build a private bundle of your own books, or use our Promotions board to post a group author promotion.

Build A Group Author Promo

Click Promotions to post a new group author promo. Learn how to post a group author promotion here.

Build a Private Bundle Page

Learn how to build a private book bundle.


Does BookFunnel share email addresses with 3rd parties or collect them for their own promotions?

BookFunnel is not a promotional platform. We do not collect your readers for ourselves or pitch them books by other authors. Our tagline is “Your books. Your readers.” and that hasn’t changed since we opened our doors in 2015.

Does the bundle page collect email addresses? 

The bundle page is simply displaying links in one convenient place, so it depends on the BookFunnel links you provide.

If the BookFunnel link you include in the bundle collects email addresses, a reader will need to submit their email address before they can download the book. If the link you include in the bundle does not collect emails, then the reader will be able to download the book without first providing their email address.

How many bundles can I create?

You can draft as many bundles as you can dream of. Depending on your plan, you may be limited to only publishing one bundle at a time. Different plans are allowed between one and ten personal bundle links, and you may publish up to your plan limit.

Can I reserve my author name/ promo name/ great idea bundle link now, even though I'm not ready to create it?

Even if you’re not ready to create a bundle right now, you can reserve your personal bundle link. A bundle link can be reserved without needing to point it to a bundle, and you can change which bundle a link points to at any time. Different plans are allowed between one and ten personal bundle links, and you can reserve up to your plan limit.

To reserve your bundle link, click Bundles on your BookFunnel dashboard and then click Manage Links. You can create as many personal bundle links as your plan allows.

Can I bundle non-BookFunnel links?


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