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KDP Select (Kindle Unlimited) Books in Group Promos

Or, “My book is in Kindle Unlimited. Can I join group promos on BookFunnel?”

Newsletter Builders

If your book is enrolled in KDP Select, you used to be allowed to distribute up to a 10% sample of it outside of Amazon. However, Amazon removed this language from their terms and conditions. You can read the full terms and conditions for KDP Select (US) here.

While some authors have been told by Amazon reps that distributing a sample of their KU book is fine, we don’t recommend that. Instead, write a reader magnet and offer that exclusively to new subscribers. You can grow your mailing list without violating KDP Select’s T&C.

Sales Promos

You can join any Sales promo on BookFunnel, even while your book is enrolled in KDP Select.

A sales promo does not distribute your book files, so it doesn’t violate your exclusivity agreement. Instead, your BookFunnel landing page has a buy button that sends readers to Amazon to purchase the book.

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