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First-Time Authors in Group Promos

On the First-Time Author plan, you can create simple download pages so that your readers can download your book. Your plan does not include email collection or email signup pages, so how can group promos help you?

Newsletter Promos

Upload a copy of your book with a catchy call-to-action inside the book file and submit it to group promos! A CTA example would be an invite to join your mailing list and a link that takes a reader to a signup form on your website.

While not everyone will join your mailing list after downloading the book from the promo, the readers that sign up later will probably be very engaged! Place a CTA at the front and back of your free book download.

Newsletter Promo Statistics for First-Time Authors

You can see how many people have downloaded your book in a newsletter promo by viewing the promo on your dashboard and checking the “Claims” column. It is counting how many people download your EPUB and/or PDF or MP3. With a download page, BookFunnel is not collecting email addresses, so we do not know who has downloaded your book. If you upgrade your plan later, we can’t retrieve the email addresses of the readers that downloaded your book.

Change Plan to Collect Email Addresses

If you want to require readers to join your list before they can download your book in a BookFunnel group promo, you need to upgrade to the Mid-List monthly plan before the promo starts.

Once you have upgraded your plan, edit the page so that it starts collecting emails. You can always downgrade back to First-Time after the promo ends and you’ve exported your CSV of email addresses. 🙂

Sales Promos

First-Time Authors can join sales promos and send reader traffic to their book(s) in bookstores!

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