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How to Integrate BookFunnel and Flodesk

You can add readers to Flodesk from BookFunnel using these two methods:

  1. Add emails automatically using an integration with Zapier (a third party service)
  2. Export a CSV from BookFunnel and import it to Flodesk manually

Can BookFunnel integrate directly with Flodesk?

At this time, Zapier is the only way Flodesk allows an integration.

If (hopefully, when) Flodesk builds an API, we will happily add a direct integration with Flodesk. If you’re the impatient type, email Flodesk and ask them to build an API so we can get on it sooner!

Zapier is a very powerful service. While it can be used by anyone, it is generally valued by, and priced for, power users. This integration, and all of its super-mega-awesomeness, is for the folks that want to use it.

Integration From BookFunnel to Flodesk (through Zapier)

If your BookFunnel account includes direct integration, follow these steps to integrate with Zapier and connect it to Flodesk.

Step 1: Create a Zapier Account

If you already have an account with Zapier, skip ahead to Step 2! If you don’t have a Zapier account, you can check out their service and create a Zapier account.

Step 2: Create a Zap Key on BookFunnel

To add Zapier to your BookFunnel account:

  1. Click Integrations on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click Action and select +Add Integration.
  3. Select Zapier in the dropdown menu.
  4. Click Create BookFunnel Zap Key.
  5. Copy your zap key to your clipboard for a future step.

By default, your new zap key is connected to all of your author pen names.

Click Edit next to your new Zapier integration to select only the pen names that should be attached to your Flodesk account. Optionally, name your Zapier Integration something helpful like “Zapier to Flodesk”. Remember to save your changes.

Step 3: Create Test Data

Before you jump to Zapier, create some test data so that your zap can be tested quickly. You’re going to integrate one of your BookFunnel signup pages with Zapier and sign up for it:

  1. Select an existing email signup page or create a new signup page on BookFunnel.
  2. Under Integration List on the landing page, choose your Zapier integration in the dropdown menu and click Save and close.
  3. Click the reader link to your email signup page on BookFunnel and sign up for it.
  4. You’ll need to return later and edit any other landing pages that you want to send to Flodesk through Zapier.

Step 4: Add BookFunnel to Zapier

  1. Click My Apps on Zapier.
  2. Search for BookFunnel.
  3. When asked Allow Zapier to access your BookFunnel account? , paste your BookFunnel Zap Key.
  4. Click Yes, Continue.
  5. BookFunnel will now be listed under My Apps.

Step 5: Make a BookFunnel-to-Flodesk Zap

  1. Click Make a Zap.
  2. Select BookFunnel.
  3. Set the trigger to be New Subscriber and click Continue.
  4. Select your account or add a new account and click Continue.
  5. Click Test Trigger.
  6. Your test email data should appear along with the other opt-in data (details below).
  7. If the test data looks good, click Continue.

Step 6: Add Flodesk to Your New Zap

  1. Under Choose App and Do This, search for Flodesk.
  2. Under Choose an Event, select Create/Update Subscriber and then click Continue.
  3. Sign in to your Flodesk account to grant access to Zapier.
  4. Confirm your Zapier login.
  5. Under Choose Account, select your Flodesk account (if not already selected) and click Continue.
  6. Under Customize Subscriber, choose the Flodesk segment you want subscribers to be added to.
  7. Match the subscriber fields (email, first name, last name, etc) so that the subscriber data is populated in Flodesk correctly (watch the video just after the 8:00 minute mark for more information).
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Click Test and Review to complete your zap or Test and Continue if you have more steps to add.
  10. A success message should appear at the top of the screen that says “a test subscriber was sent to Flodesk X seconds ago…”
  11. Turn on the zap, or return later to turn on the zap.
  12. Remember to edit any other email signup pages on BookFunnel that you want to send to Flodesk automatically. Any emails collected before you select your new integration and click Save will need to be imported to Flodesk manually (see below).

Subscriber Data We Push to Zapier

BookFunnel will send new subscriber data to Zapier.

This means that an email signup page that requires opt-in will send readers to Zapier. An email signup page with optional opt-in will only send readers to Zapier if they consented to join your mailing list.

This data is sent to Zapier when a new subscriber signs up through one of your BookFunnel email sign up pages:

  • event: new_subscriber
  • email
  • first_name (if your email signup page requires it)
  • last_name (if your email signup page requires it)
  • ip_address – The IP address of the reader at the moment they subscribed
  • country_code
  • country_name
  • page_id – This is the ID of the email signup page the reader subscribed through on BookFunnel
  • download_code – This is the unique BookFunnel App code generated for this subscriber
  • download_link – This is the unique download link generated for this subscriber
Screenshot of new subscriber data when testing a new zap

These pages will not send reader data to Zapier:

  • Non opt-in email signup pages
  • Optional opt-in email signup pages (when a reader does not consent)
  • Restricted landing pages
  • Simple download pages

Retrieve your BookFunnel Zap Key

Your key is saved on your Integration. To locate your BookFunnel Zap Key:

  1. Click Integrations on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click Edit next to your Zapier integration.
  3. Copy the zap key to your clipboard.

These Integration Features Are Not Supported

BookFunnel is not communicating directly with your Flodesk account, so these features are not supported:

Use BookFunnel and Flodesk Without Direct Integration

Here are the two ways to use BookFunnel and Flodesk to deliver your books to your readers.

You Collect the Email, Deliver a Download

Available On: All Plans

All BookFunnel plans allow you to create a download page and then email that link to your readers through Flodesk. The basic steps are:

  1. Create a simple download page on BookFunnel and copy its Link For Readers.
  2. Paste the link into your automated welcome email on Flodesk.
  3. Create a sign-up form on Flodesk and link to it or embed it on your author website.
  4. Drive reader traffic to your sign-up form so that they can subscribe.
  5. Once they have joined your list, Flodesk will send them a “welcome” email.
  6. Your new subscribers can click the BookFunnel download link in that welcome email and download the book. Learn how to create a download page.

Pros: Simple to set up and manage, uses your own landing page

Cons: Your download link can be shared online with other readers that did not sign up for your list, BookFunnel can’t track who downloads your book

We Collect the Email, You Import the CSV

Available On: Mid-List, Bestseller, & Publisher Plans

Use an email signup page on BookFunnel and it will act as your landing page and delivery page, all in one! You can design a beautiful, custom landing page on BookFunnel in minutes. No web expertise necessary.

You drive reader traffic to your email signup page on BookFunnel and we will collect their email address on your behalf. We store their email address (and optionally first and last name) in a CSV on your dashboard. Learn how to create an email signup page.

You can then import the CSV of subscribers into your mailing list service at your convenience.

The set up looks like this:

  1. Create an email signup page on BookFunnel that requires readers (or invites) to join your mailing list.
  2. Drive reader traffic to your BookFunnel landing page.
  3. Export the CSV of reader email addresses every day or two from BookFunnel and manually import it to Flodesk.

Pros: Saves time by eliminating the extra step of building a landing page on your own website. If your link is shared online, those extra subscribers can be added to your mailing list

Cons: You need to export the CSV of reader email addresses we collect on your behalf and import it to Mailerlite regularly.

How to Export a CSV from BookFunnel and Import it to Flodesk

First, you will export the CSV from BookFunnel:

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click the book title.
  3. Click the name of the landing page.
  4. Click Export CSV and select Export New Subscribers.
  5. This will save the CSV to your computer, likely in your Downloads folder.

Next, you will import the CSV to Flodesk. Flodesk has their own how-to video here, or you can follow the steps below.

To import a CSV to Flodesk:

  1. Export the reader CSV from BookFunnel.
  2. Select Audience > Subsribers on Flodesk.
  3. Click Add New and select Upload CSV.
  4. Locate your CSV on your computer and upload it.
  5. Map the CSV by matching the first name, last name, email, etc.
  6. Select the segment you want the subscribers to be added to.
  7. Click Finish.

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