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Share Short Audio With Readers

Available on all Mid-List plans and above.

You can upload a stand-alone MP3 file (up to 120 minutes!) and share it with readers. Need to distribute a full audiobook?

Audio Samples & Exclusive Recordings

Here are some examples of short audio you might want to send to readers:

  • Create an audiobook sales page that lets a reader listen to your MP3 and then click through to buy the book from select audio platform(s) See Example
  • Create a multi-book landing page that features all of your audiobook covers (with samples) and store links See Example and learn how to make a private bundle page
  • Send a free teaser of your upcoming release to your mailing list See Example
  • Gain new subscribers using a narrated short story or novella as a lead magnet See Example
  • Boost newsletter engagement by sharing music composed for your series See Example
  • Share an audio recording of your favorite recipe, most popular guided meditation, or other short audio clips

How Does It Work?

When you upload your MP3, BookFunnel will automatically compress it to the size we will ship to readers. You can play the compressed audio right on your BookFunnel dashboard to make sure the quality is satisfactory.

When you create a new MP3 on the dashboard, you will set the compression rate, based on the total length of the clip and your needs.

Once your audio is uploaded, you can use it with (almost) any BookFunnel feature:

  • Sales delivery action
  • Sales landing page that allows a reader to listen to your MP3 and then click through to buy the book through select audio retailers
  • Landing page that lets anyone download or listen to the audio file
  • Landing page that requires email sign-up in order to download or listen to the audio file
  • Certified Mail “ARC” (Advance Reader Copy) campaign
  • “Gift a book” emails that send one reader a unique link to download (or listen) to your audio
  • Print Code batches that enable you to share one redemption code with one reader at a time

Audio Quality and Duration

Your MP3 quality options are:

Spoken Word Quality Ideal for audiobooks and any spoken word recording. You can distribute up to 120 minutes of spoken word quality.

Music Quality Ideal for music tracks. You can distribute up to 60** minutes of music quality.

Once compressed, the maximum file size BookFunnel will distribute is 60 MB**.

Short Audio Requirements

  • MP3 format only
  • Minimum 128 kbps* constant bit rate
  • Max 200 MB** file size
  • Max 120 minutes** duration (when set to “spoken word” quality)
  • One single file can be uploaded per “short audio” on your dashboard. To distribute multi-file (or multi-chapter) audiobooks, look at our audiobook delivery service.

Does BookFunnel Support Audiobooks?

BookFunnel can deliver multi-chapter (multi-file) audiobooks! Audiobook delivery is a separate feature.

This short audio feature is available on any Mid-List author plan and can distribute individual audio files up to 120 minutes** (depending on quality settings).

* If you upload a variable bit rate MP3 and BookFunnel rejects it for not meeting the minimum requirements, export your audio again at 128 kbps constant bit rate. Variable bit rate averages the file, and if it averages to 127.3 kbps, it doesn’t meet our minimum.

** These numbers are close approximations but are not guaranteed. Actual file size and maximum duration may be less depending on the compression.

Upload Short Audio To BookFunnel

Ready to get started? Learn how to upload a single MP3 to BookFunnel.

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