Author Swaps

Swap book links one-on-one with other authors in your genre! They send your book to their newsletter subscribers and you do the same.

How Do Author Swaps Work?

Find an author swap on the Swaps board that looks like a good fit for your books and your mailing list audience. If you write Sweet Romance, look for an author on the board who also writes in Sweet Romance.

When you find a great swap, send a request to the organizer and submit your book!

Once your request is approved, BookFunnel will provide a tracking link and add the swap to your BookFunnel calendar. You’ll email your tracking link to your newsletter subscribers on the share date you selected. The author you swapped with will do the same!

If you search the Author Swaps board and don’t find a perfect swap opportunity, you can always post your own swap!

Author Swaps FAQ

Author Swaps for First-Time Authors

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