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Books and Files

A book on BookFunnel is really just a collection of files and some metadata describing those files. When you upload a book, you will be asked to provide the necessary files for BookFunnel to distribute your “book” to readers. Some files are required, others are optional. BookFunnel supports these file formats: EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and JPEG (for a cover image).

JPEG Files

Any book uploaded to BookFunnel must have a JPEG cover image (640×1000 pixels minimum). The download pages you’ll create later all prominently feature the book’s cover to catch the reader’s attention and make them want to download your book. BookFunnel will not let you share a book without a cover. Need a free or temporary book cover?

EPUB Files

EPUB files are the standard ebook format used by most ebook readers and apps that aren’t Amazon Kindles. This is the only required file for distributing an ebook through BookFunnel. Your EPUB file should have the book cover embedded, and be less than 23 MBs in size. Learn more about uploading your EPUB.

MOBI Files

MOBI files are Amazon’s proprietary ebook format that borrows heavily from the EPUB standard and wraps it up in a different package that only Kindles and Kindle apps can speak. Though you might prefer to generate your own MOBI file, BookFunnel can easily convert your EPUB if you do not have a MOBI. Your MOBI file should have the book cover embedded, and be less than 23 MBs in size, to ensure readers can email it to their Kindle email account. Learn more about uploading your MOBI.

PDF Files

PDF files are not exactly ebooks, but some readers still prefer them. The PDF format was designed for printing, and as such lays everything out as a hard page instead of flowing text. These are great for things like worksheets, coloring books, and graphic novels, but offer a poor experience for most book readers. You’re not required to provide a PDF with your ebook, but some readers will appreciate it. BookFunnel will also let you distribute only a PDF file if you want to give readers companion material like a guide, a printout, or a worksheet. Your PDF should be less than 28 MB in size, or less than 23 MB if you want readers to be able to email it to themselves. Learn more about uploading your PDF.

Sharing Books with Readers

The most important thing to know about your books on BookFunnel is that there are two necessary parts to sharing a book: the book itself, and a download page where the reader can download the book. Learn more about creating a download page.

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