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MOBI Files and the Amazon ASIN

If your book is currently on Amazon, it has an ASIN assigned to it (or ISBN if it is a paperback). Amazon uses this ID to display book covers on Kindle e-readers and in the Kindle app on computers. If you have an ASIN, please add it to your book on BookFunnel. Do not use an ASIN from a teaser, or similar book, collection, or series. Only include the ASIN on BookFunnel if the book cover and content is exactly the same (if your Amazon book has different links or slightly different back matter, that’s fine).

If the book IS NOT in the Kindle store, leave the ASIN field blank.

Why is the ASIN important?

Most Kindles and Kindle apps will display the book cover you embed in your book file when it is saved in the Docs library. However, we make changes to your metadata so that your MOBI is stored in the Books library. Without as ASIN, your book will not display its cover on Kindle e-readers and Kindle For PC/Mac apps. Learn what we change and why here.

Locate ASIN or ISBN in the Kindle Store

  1. Find your book listing in the Kindle Store or on Amazon.com (for paperbacks).
  2. Scroll down the page to Product Details.
  3. Your ASIN or ISBN will be listed there.
  4. Paste the ASIN or ISBN into the Add New Book form when uploading your book to BookFunnel.

Add ASIN to Existing Book

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click the Action button next to the book title.
  3. Select Edit Book Details.
  4. Paste the Amazon ASIN into the appropriate field.
  5. Click Save And Close.

Get An Amazon ASIN

What if your book is exclusive to your newsletter subscribers and you don’t want it available for sale on Amazon? A delightfully brilliant BookFunnel author discovered a workaround.

You can publish the book to Amazon and then un-publish it as soon as it has its ASIN. Amazon will still send your book cover to Kindle For PC/Mac and Kindle e-readers, even after you have unpublished the book.

So if you really want the covers everywhere (Kindle e-readers and Kindle For PC readers make up 3-4% of total MOBI downloads on BookFunnel), that’s an option. It’s a little clunky but it works.

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