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Why Isn’t My Book Cover Showing Up?

Make sure your book cover is displayed!

On BookFunnel Landing Pages

Upload your book cover when you create your new book. The JPEG book cover will be displayed on your download pages, email signup pages, group promos (if you join promos), and in the BookFunnel app. Learn how to upload your book cover.

Kindle Ereader (Paperwhite, Voyage, Touch)

Amazon will not display a thumbnail book cover in the library view unless the book was purchased in the Kindle store. This change began in 2021 and nearly every Kindle ereader received this update.

Kindle App on Mobile Device

When you create your EPUB file, be sure to embed the book cover inside the file. The steps to embed the book cover will vary, depending on the service or software you use to generate your book files, but all ebook publishing software can embed your cover in your book’s metadata.

This will allow readers to see the book cover as a thumbnail in their Kindle app’s library after the book is opened.

Kindle App on Computer

If you send the EPUB to Kindle, it will not show a book cover thumbnail when viewed in the Kindle app on your computer. Amazon does not support book covers when sideloading or using Send to Kindle.

Other Reading App on Mobile Device

If the book cover is embedded in the file’s metadata, other reading apps should show a thumbnail of the book cover in the app’s library view.

PDF Book Covers

For a PDF, you can make the first page of the file your book cover and it will look like a book cover when viewed in a file system.

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