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Why Isn’t My Book Cover Showing Up?

You have uploaded your book to BookFunnel and are now testing the download. Everything is working great until you download the book and… your cover isn’t showing up on your book.

There are three issues that can cause this to occur. Here are the things to check:

1. Did you embed the book cover?

When you create your EPUB and MOBI file, embed the book cover image. The steps to do this will vary, depending on the service or software you use to generate your book files, but all ebook publishing software can embed your cover.

If your PDF isn’t showing a cover, make the first page of your PDF the book cover image.

2. Are you testing on a Kindle e-reader or Kindle For PC?

If your cover is embedded, it should be displayed on all Kindle Fires, Kindle For Android, and Kindle For iOS apps. But, if you are testing on a Kindle e-reader (like a Paperwhite or Voyage) or the Kindle For PC/ Mac app, did you provide the ASIN when you uploaded your book to BookFunnel? Learn more about the ASIN and book covers.

3. Are you testing in Kindle For iOS?

If your book cover is embedded, it should display properly in the Kindle For iOS reading app (even without an ASIN). However, there is a bug in the Kindle For iOS app that randomly pops up and causes some book covers not to show up. It has only been reported a few dozen times in our support queue, but it seems to happen on side-loaded ebooks in the Kindle For iOS app (meaning, downloaded from any source outside of the Kindle store).

Again, it is rare, but if you are one of the lucky few to encounter the Kindle For iOS bug, do this to work around it:

  1. Force quit the Kindle app (double tap the Home button and swipe the Kindle app up).
  2. Download the book again.
  3. As long as your Kindle For iOS app is closed when you download the book the second time, it will show the cover correctly when it is launched again.

We’ll update this help article if the Kindle For iOS app gets an update and corrects the problem with sideloaded book files.

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