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How to Upload a Book Cover

Upload your book cover to BookFunnel and we will display it on your landing pages and also in the BookFunnel app and BookFunnel Cloud Reader when a reader adds the book to their BookFunnel Library.

Book Cover Requirements

Your book cover must be in .jpg or .jpeg format. We recommend 640×1000, but we’ll accept any aspect ratio or image size.

PNG book covers can be converted to JPG here.

PDF book covers (front only, not your full-wrap front-and-back paperback cover, please) can be converted to JPG here.

To upload a book cover to an existing book:

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click the book title.
  3. Drag-and-drop your .jpg (or .jpeg) book cover, or click the orange +Upload Cover button and manually upload your book cover.
  4. Click Save and Close once the file is finished uploading.

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