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Convert Your Word .docx into an EPUB File

You can use Draft2Digital’s excellent (and free!) online converter to turn your Word.docx file into an EPUB or PDF file. D2D offers beautiful, simple ebook templates that are perfect for your book.

Draft2Digital is a distributor and can help you publish your books in many different stores, but you don’t have to distribute your book(s) through D2D in order to use their ebook generator. You can convert your Word document to an EPUB and PDF for free and distribute them anywhere you like with Draft2Digital’s blessing.

Convert Word .docx Using Draft2Digital

To use Draft2Digital’s ebook generator, create a free account on draft2digital.com or log in to your existing account.

There you can upload your book cover, manuscript, and select the template design that works best for you book. Have fun!

Quick tip: If your book is a standard, reflowable fiction book and you have a Table of Contents at the beginning of your book, delete it before you upload the file to Draft2Digital. They do a great job of parsing Word files, but your TOC is more likely to be perfect if you let the software that builds the ebook files build your Table of Contents at the same time.

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