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Illustrated Books and Vellum Formatting in the Kindle App: Always Include the KF8

In late 2022, Amazon is deprecating MOBI files for Send to Kindle. That is GREAT news for Kindle readers, especially on iPhones and iPads! BookFunnel will transition to EPUB files for Send to Kindle by late 2022.

This article will remain published until BookFunnel completes this transition. While we must continue to distribute MOBI files for a handful of legacy Kindles, most authors and reader won’t need to worry about the formatting problems described in the article. Huzzah!

When you upload your ebook to BookFunnel, there is a checkbox to include the KF8 when we distribute your MOBI.

What is KF8?

A MOBI file can contain two formats inside of it: the old MOBI format and the newer MOBI KF8. The older MOBI format is simple and what BookFunnel distributes by default. If your book has enhanced formatting, though, some of that lovely formatting is lost in the old format.

For this reason, tell BookFunnel to ship the new MOBI format. We’ll still have to ship the old format too, because some Kindles don’t support the new format, but most readers will be able to see your formatting.

To tell BookFunnel to include both formats, just tick the box to include the KF8!

Edit Your Current Book to Include KF8

You can edit your book and start including the KF8 easily, without interrupting your downloads or having to change any links.

To check the KF8 box:

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click the Action button next to the book title.
  3. Select Edit Book Details.
  4. Tick the box to “Include the KF8 MOBI format (this will double your file size).
  5. Click Save and Close.

Do keep these in mind:

  1. File size. If you check the KF8, your MOBI file will be larger. This is fine for many fans, but storage space and internet speeds in rural areas can be challenging for some readers.
  2. Kindle For iOS app won’t show your pretty formatting, no matter what. It can ONLY read the older MOBI format (unless the book is purchased in the Kindle store).
  3. Illustrated and fixed layout books require KF8 and a PDF. Example: children’s books, cookbooks. Learn more about delivering illustrated and fixed layout books.

What will Kindle For iOS readers see?

They will see the older MOBI format, which is usually a stripped-down version of your book. The default font may be different, and the margins and chapter headings may be different. If you have used tiny images as scene breaks, those may not be in there.

You can check the file yourself if you have an iOS device! Email your ebook to @kindle.com email address and open the book in your Kindle For iOS app.

Illustrated Books

Learn more about distributing fixed layout and illustrated books.

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