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What is a Kindle EPUB?

A Kindle EPUB is an EPUB file that is designed to convert well with Amazon’s Send to Kindle. The internal styling in this special format is optimized so that Send to Kindle outputs an ebook that looks like the lovely ebook you designed.

Should I enable Kindle EPUB on BookFunnel?

It depends on the software you used to create your EPUB!

Vellum Kindle EPUB

No, you should not enable Kindle EPUB if Vellum exported your ebook files.

Vellum produces an excellent Kindle EPUB, so upload it to BookFunnel along with your Generic EPUB. Learn how to export your Kindle EPUB and Generic EPUB.


Yes, you should probably enable Kindle EPUB if Atticus exported your EPUB. BookFunnel enables a Kindle EPUB for you by default.

We say probably because it depends on the formatting in your ebook. Before you disable the Kindle EPUB, email your EPUB to your @kindle.com email address and open it in the iOS Kindle app. It has to be tested in the iOS Kindle app to check for any of the wacky formatting problems that can happen when sending to Kindle.

If your emailed EPUB looks great in the iOS Kindle app, you can disable the Kindle EPUB!

All Other Ebook Software

The Kindle EPUB setting is disabled if your book is exported from any other software.

If you are concerned about the formatting, email your EPUB to your @kindle email address! It is best to open your ebook in the iOS Kindle app, since all other Kindle apps support enhanced styling and will likely look great. If there is an issue, you’ll probably only see it in the iOS Kindle app.

Specifically, look for italicized or bolded text in places it shouldn’t be. If you spot any, enable the Kindle EPUB! You can enable it by clicking the Action button next to the file type on your dashboard. BookFunnel will compile a Kindle EPUB from your Generic EPUB.

Will a Kindle EPUB look different?

Your Generic EPUB and Kindle EPUB should look the same. While the internal representation of your ebook’s styling is changed in a Kindle EPUB, the way the ebook is displayed in a reading app should not change.

How to Enable or Disable Kindle EPUB

To enable or disable a Kindle EPUB on your book:

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard
  2. Click the book title
  3. Click Action next to the Kindle EPUB file format
  4. Select Enable Kindle EPUB or Disable Kindle EPUB

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