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What is a Kindle EPUB?

A Kindle EPUB is an EPUB file that is designed to convert well with Amazon’s Send to Kindle. The internal styling in this format is optimized so that Send to Kindle outputs an ebook that looks like the lovely ebook you designed.

Vellum produces a beautiful Kindle EPUB that looks great when converted with Send to Kindle. If you use Vellum to create your ebooks, upload both your Vellum Kindle EPUB and your Generic EPUB to BookFunnel. Learn how to export your Kindle EPUB and Generic EPUB.

Other EPUB creators don’t provide files exclusively for Kindle, but that doesn’t mean your EPUB will have trouble when converted with Send to Kindle.

Should I enable Kindle EPUB on BookFunnel?

Ask the BookFunnel dashboard! BookFunnel will scan your EPUB and detect common settings that can cause issues when sent to Kindle.

When you upload your EPUB, BookFunnel will display a message if it detected any issues. If your EPUB compiles on the dashboard and you don’t see warning, your Generic EPUB is good to go!

If BookFunnel detects a potential issue, click What does this mean? in the warning box for more information.

What does enabling Kindle EPUB do?

When you enable Kindle EPUB, BookFunnel makes very small, surgical changes to address the issues detected in your Generic EPUB. None of your styling is removed. The file is slightly tweaked to suit Send to Kindle’s conversion process.

The new file is labeled a “Kindle EPUB” on your dashboard and distributed to Kindle readers.

Will a Kindle EPUB look different?

Your Generic EPUB and Kindle EPUB should look the same. While the internal representation of your ebook’s styling is slightly altered, the way the ebook is displayed in a reading app should not change.

How to Enable or Disable Kindle EPUB

To enable or disable a Kindle EPUB on your book:

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard
  2. Click the book title
  3. Click Action next to the Kindle EPUB file format
  4. Select Enable Kindle EPUB or Disable Kindle EPUB

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