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Bundle Statistics & Tracking

When you use our Bundles tool to build your promotion, you can see how many clicks each book receives and optionally, keep track of each author’s participation in the bundle!  What’s a BookFunnel Bundle?

Global Bundle Statistics

The top of your bundle details screen will display the total number of views, clicks, and claims for each book in the bundle.

Views: The total number of views by unique visitors your bundle has received. If an author submits a link that have been used in the past, we will not report any views for that link.

Clicks: The total number of book covers that have been clicked in the bundle. If an author submits a link that have been used in the past, we will not report any clicks for that link.

Claims: The total number of books that have been claimed (if using a giveaway link) or downloaded (if using a download link). If an author submits a link that have been used in the past, we will not report any claims or downloads for that link.

Statistics By Book

The links table, visible at the bottom of your bundle details, will break down the number of clicks and claim for each book.

N/A or Not Applicable

If “N/A” is listed next to a link in the links table, that link has been used previously, so the bundle will not report its clicks or downloads.

You can request a new link if you would like your bundle stats to be as accurate as possible. Simply click the author’s name in the links table to send a quick message and request a new (unused) link. If the author’s name is not clickable, the author did not provide an email address for that pen name, so you will need to contact them through your own means.

A group author promotion is a great way to build your mailing list and introduce your readers to other authors in your genre! Part of what makes these promos so successful, is that each participating author supports the promo by sharing it with their own mailing list and on social media platforms.

Track each author’s reader contribution, and see how many eyeballs they send to the bundle! Use unique tracking links for each author in your bundle, and delight in the data that rolls in.

When you create your bundle, you can optionally create unique author tracking links. Send each participating author a unique link to share with their mailing list.

So, instead of telling all of the authors to email their readers this link:


You would send each author a unique link we generate for them that looks something like this:


When the author sends https://books.bookfunnel.com/mysteries/linkIDhere to their mailing list, BookFunnel will count how many readers that author sent to the bundle.

To create unique links for each participating author:

  1. Click Bundles on your dashboard and click the name of your bundle to view the details.
  2. Click Edit in the BookFunnel Links panel.
  3. Check the box next to “Use a separate tracking link for each link in the bundle”.
  4. Click Save And Close.
  5. The BookFunnel Links table will show a tracking link next to each book title. You can either right-click each tracking link and send it to the author manually, or let us handle it!
  6. Click Send Message and write a quick love note to all of the authors in your bundle. BookFunnel will automatically include the basic bundle details in the outgoing message, including the link each author should share with readers.


Why should I use author tracking links?

You don’t need to use our Author Tracking links if you have your own system in place, or aren’t interested in keeping tabs or stats. These links are perfect for authors that love data as much as we do. If that doesn’t describe you, don’t add another step for yourself!

But, if you are the type that wants to know who is sending the traffic, this tool was made for you.

Why do some links in my bundle show clicks but no views next to the tracking link?

First, did you send the tracking link to the author? If so, this can mean one of two things:

  1. The author has not sent the bundle tracking link out to his or her mailing list yet, but their book is getting clicks and downloads from the traffic that other authors are driving to the bundle.
  2. The author did not send the bundle tracking link out to their readers. They may have sent the regular bundle link, not the custom tracking link, but the bundle can only count their traffic if they use their unique link.
How accurate are the view counters?

We try to report accurately, but readers who view the bundle from more than one IP address, or come back to the bundle every day, will count as more than one view.

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