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Private, Invite-Only Group Promos

You can organize a private group promo and only invite your author friends to join. A private promo is not listed on the Promotions board and is not emailed to authors in your genre. The only way an author can find your private promo is if you give them the signup link to it.

Private promos have all of the benefits of a group promo like easy dashboard management, tracking links, automated reminder emails, and simple “send update” messaging to participants. Use a private promo when you want to personally invite authors to join your promo.

Should I Create a Private Promo or a Private Bundle?

Private promos and private bundles are not discoverable by other authors on BookFunnel. The only way that someone can find your private promo or private bundle is if you tell them about it.

Most organizers will prefer to use a private promo so that author participants can submit their own links and receive automated promo updates and tracking links. Private bundles are typically used for an individual author’s books, but you can choose whichever is the best tool for the job.

Private Promos

  • Require a start and end date
  • The invite-only promo link allows authors to review the promo details and then submit their book(s) to your promo
  • Author participants can view and access the promo on their BookFunnel dashboard after joining
  • All authors in the promo receive a unique tracking link and their shares are added to their promo reputation
  • Promo organizers can open and skim ebook submissions in BookFunnel’s cloud reader

Private Bundles

  • Promo organizers collect BookFunnel link(s) from participants and manually add them to the bundle page
  • Can have a start and end date or run indefinitely
  • Organizers must add/ remove links for author participants as they do not have any access to the bundle
  • Tracking links are not provided to author participants

How to Create a Private Promo

Click Promotions on your BookFunnel dashboard.

  1. Click Action and select Post a New Promo.
  2. Choose either newsletter builder or sales promo.
  3. Tick the This is a private promo and should not be posted on the BookFunnel promotions board checkbox.
  4. Complete the form. Learn more about the Post a New Promo form.
  5. Click Post Promo. You will receive an email confirmation with details and a direct link to your promotion.
  6. Click Action and select Add link to Promo at the top to add your own book.
  7. Click Action and select Edit Landing Page and design your landing page.
  8. Click Use this link to recruit other authors for this promo! to copy the link to your clipboard and then share it with authors you want to invite.

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