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What is an “Unconfirmed Reader”?

An unconfirmed reader is a person that submitted their email address for your book, but has NOT clicked the link in the email we sent them to get the book. Sometimes this is intentional because they changed their mind and no longer wish to subscribe to your list, but usually it is because readers sign up for a book and then come back later (even days later) to actually download the book.

What Should I Do With Unconfirmed Emails?

Nothing, at least not for several days. Readers have two weeks to download your book, so give them some time.

If a reader is still unconfirmed after two weeks, you could email them to ask if they are still interested. Use caution, and please, don’t add these folks to your mailing list without their approval. They may have abandoned ship intentionally. A short and sweet email like the one below might help convert a few stragglers:

“Hey, Andy! Did you miss my email? If so, join my reader group and get your free copy of Book_Title now! Or just delete this and I’ll disappear into the wind.”

Where Can I Find My Unconfirmed Emails?

On your dashboard!

  1. Click Books on your BookFunnel dashboard.
  2. Click the book title.
  3. Click the name of the download page that is collecting email addresses.
  4. Click Export CSV at the top of the page.
  5. Select Unconfirmed subscribers to download the CSV.

Unconfirmed email addresses are opportunities! Why do so many people submit their email address and then wander off without confirming? You can now check your giveaway pages to find the list of readers that didn’t confirm their email address when signing up for your free book (assuming you’re having them confirm). Export that list and give them one last shot to sign-up!

You will see a count of unconfirmed readers if you view any giveaway page on your dashboard. Click Books on your dashboard and then click the title of the book you are giving away. Click the name of any giveaway page to check for unconfirmed readers.

I Don’t Have Any Unconfirmed Emails

You must check the box on your download page form to “Confirm the reader’s email address before receiving their book”. Learn how to edit your download page here.

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