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Redeem a BookFunnel Token

Did a BookFunnel author send you a token? Great! That means you can try out our service, obligation-free. No credit card or BookFunnel account necessary.

A BookFunnel token will allow you to create a giveaway page, which you can share with readers. We will collect their email address on your behalf and then deliver your book. The token giveaway page you create is valid for up to 30 days or 1000 downloads (whichever comes first). You can share your token link anywhere you want readers to find and download your book, or use it to join a group author promotion.

How Does It Work?

Once you have redeemed your token, we will send an email to the contact email address you provided. The email you receive from support@bookfunnel.com will contain two critical pieces of information, so keep it in a safe place. The email contains:

  1. A dashboard link that you can use to make changes to your book details and page. Do not share this link with anyone!
  2. The BookFunnel link to share with readers.

Once you share your token link with readers, we will email you a CSV every day that you receive new sign-ups. The CSV will contain the subscriber’s email address and optionally, their first and last name. When your token is closed, either because it expires or because it reaches its download limit, you will receive a final CSV that contains all of the emails and subscriber data we have collected. If you would like to reactivate your page at that time, you can create an account using a link in that email and your page will be reactivated.


How can I change my book after I redeem my token?

Check the contact email address you provided for an email from support@bookfunnel.com. Once you locate that email, click the dashboard link in the email to edit your book files or book details.

How can I create a BookFunnel account and add my token to it?

You will receive a final email and CSV when your token is closed. Click the link in that email to create an account and reactivate your link immediately.

What can I do with my token?

Share your token link anywhere you want readers to find and download your book. If you want to find a group author promo, you can check our Facebook page and email your link to the promoter to join.

Does BookFunnel promote my book?

BookFunnel is not a promotional platform and we do not have a reader list. Readers will only find your book on our service if you (or someone else) sends them the link to it.

Because we are not a promo site, you can trust that when you send a reader to BookFunnel, they are only going to see your book. They will not receive free content by other authors on our service. While we will never solicit your reader, we think it is awesome when authors work and promote together, so we built this handy board to facilitate those partnerships. If you decide to create an account with us, you will have access to those amazing features and more.

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