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How to Share Your Tracking Link in Your Newsletter


On the share date you selected, you will send your tracking link to your newsletter subscribers.

You can find your tracking link by clicking Calendar at the top of your BookFunnel dashboard and selecting the current month. Click Copy Tracking Link to copy the link to your clipboard. You can also find your tracking link on Your Swaps under Your Scheduled Swaps.

To send the tracking link to your newsletter, compose an email to your list through your mailing list service. Then paste the link into the message. Every email service provider has a slightly different email editor, but here is a general how-to:

  1. Compose your outgoing message to your subscribers.
  2. Paste the full tracking link into the message. It can be found using the instructions and screenshot above and will look something like https://dlorbuy.bookfunnel.com/qwtfq6l?tid=vr45oom5q.
  3. Highlight the full tracking link you just pasted.
  4. Click the Make Link button in the email editor. The button usually looks like a chain link and will be in the same general area as your text editing options.
  5. If your email editor asks you to enter the website link again, paste the full tracking link into the Link form and then save it.
  6. Send the email to your list!

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