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Design a Custom Ebook Card Using Book Brush


You can use BookFunnel Print Codes to share your ebooks with readers in person! A print code is a unique download code that can only be used by one reader. Add your print codes to business cards, bookmarks, postcards—any promotional material, really! Then share the cards with readers at your next trade show, conference, or book signing.

We already have help articles detailing how you can use print codes and how you can print them. But, how can you design a card that looks great? Enter, Book Brush.

Book Brush is an image design site created just for authors. It allows you to create professional-looking ads, social media images, and now, print layouts to share your ebooks!

Just select one of their pre-designed card templates, add your book cover and title, and you’re done! Or, if you’re a creative type, you can also play with the background color or image, add your book’s tagline, description—anything! Go nuts!

Is Book Brush the right tool for you? Watch our short video to learn how to take a business card template and customize it to suit your needs.

Create an account on Book Brush.

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