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MOBI File Metadata Tweaks and Kindle Book Covers Not Showing Up

When you upload a MOBI file to BookFunnel, we make a slight tweak to its metadata. The metadata we add will tell Kindles to save the book in the Books library so that a reader can easily find the book on their device. Without changing the metadata, the book will be saved to Docs/Local, which is not a location most readers are familiar with. We change the title of your book to Book_Title – Author_Name.

We also set the author name and book title metadata in your EPUB file if they are missing or incorrect.

Will My Book Cover Be Displayed?

Yes, in most cases. Because of these metadata changes, some Kindle devices will attempt to pull the book’s cover from the Kindle Store. Without a valid ASIN, these devices will not show a book cover. If you provide the ASIN then you upload your book to BookFunnel, ALL Kindle devices will show your book cover.

These devices will always show the cover embedded in your ebook:

  • Kindle Fire
  • Kindle For Android app
  • Kindle For iOS app

These devices will NOT show your embedded cover. They rely on the Amazon ASIN to display your book cover:

  • Kindle e-readers (Paperwhite, Voyage, Touch)
  • Kindle For PC and Kindle For Mac

If you do not provide an Amazon ASIN, a reader using a  Kindle e-reader or Kindle For PC/Mac will see a blank Amazon cover with your book title and author name printed on it. Learn how to find your ASIN and add it to your book on BookFunnel.

“WHAT? I want my cover to show up EVERYWHERE.” We understand! You want your book to go to Books AND have the beautiful cover you commissioned AND be exclusive to BookFunnel / not on Amazon yet. There is a solution…

Can I See My New MOBI and EPUB?

Yes! You can either download the book files from your download page on BookFunnel, or you can get them from your dashboard. You will find your altered MOBI and EPUB on your book details page under the heading “Our MOBI file” and “Our EPUB file”. Your formatting is not affected by the metadata change.

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