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Bundles Video Series

BookFunnel Bundles/ Group Promos was updated on April 11, 2018 and these videos are now incorrect. Some of the information is still helpful, especially if you are building a personal bundle for your starter library, so this article will remain published for a bit until we can record new videos. To build a group author promotion, use the Promotions board. It is faster and easier, hooray! Learn how to create a group author promo here.

Part One: Building a Basic Bundle Page

If you are creating a group author promotion, disregard this video. The group promo process has changed (It’s easier! It’s faster!) and Part One of this video is VERY outdated. This help article will walk you through our new group author promotion process: Read this to learn how to create a group author promotion.

Part Two: Adding a Start Date, End Date, and Countdown Timer

Part Three: Customizing Your Bundle Page and Adding Social Media Sharing Icons

Part Four: Bundle Statistics and Tracking Reader Traffic

Part Five: Advanced Features and Power Bundles

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