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BookFunnel Tokens: Invite Any Author to Join Your Bundle

A BookFunnel Token allows any author to create a giveaway page on BookFunnel. No sign up necessary!

Tokens can be used by any author, including new authors that want to try us out obligation-free. Even BookFunnel authors on the First-Time Author plan can sample our giveaway feature without needing to change their plan.

What is a BookFunnel Token?

A BookFunnel Token will let anyone create a giveaway page on BookFunnel that will collect reader email addresses. Every author on a Mid-List account or higher will receive two tokens every month to share with other authors. Send a token to an author friend who wants to try us out, and they can upload their book and create a page in minutes.

The token page they create is valid for up to 30 days or 1000 downloads (whichever comes first). Authors that use a token will receive a daily email with a CSV of their new subscribers and will receive a final CSV when their token is redeemed that contains all of the emails and subscriber data we have collected on their behalf.

Who can use a BookFunnel Token?

  • Authors that don’t yet have a BookFunnel account and want to try us out.
  • Existing BookFunnel authors that don’t have the giveaway feature on their account. If an existing author redeems a token, the token page will be separate from their account, so downloads stats will not be accessible on their dashboard.
  • Basically anyone. 🙂

Where can I find a token to share?

If you are on a Mid-List plan or higher, you will receive two tokens to share with other authors every month during the summer of 2017.  To find your tokens, click Tokens on your dashboard. There you can generate your token link and share it your one or two of your favorite author buddies. Or total strangers on the internet. Your choice!

If you are on a First-Time Author account, you can connect with other BookFunnel authors on our Author Facebook page here or on our Bundle Authors Facebook page here.


How do authors export the reader email addresses when they use a token?

Authors will receive a daily email with a CSV attached of their new subscribers. When their token page link is redeemed (or expired), they will receive a final CSV containing all of the subscriber data.

How long does a token last?

A token must be redeemed during the month it is generated. A token created on May 26 must be activated by an author no later than May 31. On June 1, that token link is no longer valid and cannot be redeemed.

Once a token is activated, the token page is valid for up to 30 days or 1000 downloads (whichever comes first). A token that is activated on May 26 will expire on June 25 (or earlier if it reaches 1000 downloads).

If your token page reaches its limit or expires, you will receive a final CSV email. If you do not have a BookFunnel account, you can reactivate the token page by clicking the link in that email and signing up for BookFunnel. Your token page will automatically be reactivated once you create an account.

Does a token have to be used in a promo?

A token page can be used anywhere for just about anything.  Most authors will use it to invite other authors to join a promo, but you don’t have to use it that way. You can use a token page wherever you like.

Will my account be charged for downloads if I share a token with another author?

No. When you share a token with another author, their downloads ARE NOT counted against your plan. Token downloads are counted separately in our system.

Can I post my BookFunnel Tokens for anyone to find and use on Facebook/ K-Boards/ Other social media platforms?

Sure thing! Share away. Post it on our Author Facebook page here or on our Bundle Authors Facebook page here, or anywhere else you like.

Can I redeem my own tokens?

Sure, but you will need to upload your book files through the form, and your download stats and reader data will not be accessible on your dashboard. Once the link is redeemed, it cannot be reactivated or moved to your current account.

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